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Factors to consider before going for Dental Implants in Bangalore


Factors to consider before going for Dental Implants in Bangalore:

Are you searching for some of the best medical tourism destinations to get your dental implants done? Getting your Dental implants in Bangalore seems to be the most trending option for domestic as well as international patients for quite some time now.

Bangalore lets you experience world-class dental care, renowned for its top-tier treatments and a rich cultural experience. Subsequently, getting dental implants here lets you enjoy the convenience of English-speaking staff and a wide range of comprehensive dental implant services, while at the same time enjoying the bustling lifestyle that this Metropolitan city has to offer.

Hayes Dental offers you the latest technology for dental implants along with a team of highly skilled specialists to help ensure your procedure goes smoothly and successfully. So if you’re looking for affordable options for Dental Implants in Richmond Town make sure to head to our office. 

You may have some burning questions about getting dental implants and whether or not Bangalore is the right option for you. So let’s explore some of the most asked questions by patients, for factors to consider before getting Dental Implants in Bangalore.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the most popular choice for missing teeth replacements in Bangalore. They’re small metal posts that go into your jawbone, just like the roots of real teeth. The new tooth is then attached to its fake root, to give you the final result of a new tooth that looks and functions just like your own. Modern dental implant options are a blessing to all those who need them, due to their strong, natural feel, that won’t come out when you talk, eat, or even play sports. It’s like getting a second chance in life at that picture-perfect smile.

Different reasons why you could need Dental Implants in Bangalore

Gaps left by missing teeth can collect bacteria and food particles, raising the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. This affects your oral health and alters the structure of your face, giving you an older appearance. By filling in these spaces, avoiding dental problems, and supporting the muscles of the face, dental implants offer a solution. 

In addition to giving you your full chewing ability back, they help with speech issues and chewing difficulties brought on by untreated tooth loss. In order to preserve oral health, stop facial changes, and regain confidence in your smile, missing teeth must be replaced.

Most Popular Options for Dental Implants in Bangalore

Full Mouth Dental Implants

When all teeth are missing and treatment is required, full-mouth dental implants are usually advised. Instead of replacing every single tooth with an implant, six to eight dental implants are positioned in each jaw to act as anchors when the teeth are subsequently placed. Depending on each patient’s circumstances, the full-mouth dental implant procedure can take anywhere from three to seven months to complete. For those looking for affordable solutions for total tooth loss, this treatment option is great.

Endosteal Dental Implants

Because of their stability and adaptability, endosteal dental implants are a popular and trendy option for tooth replacement. These implants provide a strong base for prosthetic teeth because they are firmly inserted into the jawbone. Because of its effectiveness, practicality, and suitability for both single and multiple tooth replacements, this method is preferred. Notably, Endosteal Implants are a desirable substitute for dental bridges because they offer a stable, long-lasting option for individuals looking for dental implants without requiring the trimming of neighboring teeth.

Duration For Dental Implant Treatments

The duration of your dental implant treatment would depend from patient to patient. The first step, which is the implantation, can be completed within a day. But the healing period in between would last from between 3 months to 6 months. As the restoration process is completed by attaching the prosthetic tooth, the length of time will depend on various factors. Factors including bone health, case complexity, and any additional treatments needed.  

Cost of getting Dental implants in Bangalore

Getting Dental Implants in Bangalore can cost from about INR 20,000 to INR 45,000. The final sum of the treatment cost will widely depend on your particular needs and predisposed  health conditions, such as the number of implants you’re intending to get and bone health.

At Hayes Dental we help guide you through the entire process and make sure you have a stress free experience. Read more about our services for Dental implants in Bangalore from our website or call us to consult with our experts.

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