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We understand how you value your child's oral health, and so do we. Getting your child to the dentist on a regular basis is important in order to maintain good oral health. Early tooth decay and dental issues can cause issues for your kid's future. Visit us to see how our best kids dentist in Bangalore can ensure that your child's first dental visit is comfortable.


    At Hayes Dental, we make time to listen to your queries and answer all doubts regarding your child's dental care and treatment because we value your kids oral health as much as you. We make sure that only the finest quality of treatment is done when it comes to your little ones by offering tailored kids dental services in Richmond Road according to your child's needs and lifestyle.


    We understand that A child needs are different, both medically and behaviourally. Our paediatric dentists stay up to date on the various needs of your child and make sure that they are comfortable and stress-free during every visit to their dentist. Our team of well-trained paediatric dentists alleviate any anxiety and strive to make your child’s dental visit a memorable one.


    Good dental health is responsible for your Childs overall well being and goes a long way. It is important to invest in your Childs oral health and not neglect it. We provide affordable dental treatment options in order to help detect and fix dental problems at an early stage. After all, prevention is better than cure. Contact us for affordable and best dentist for kids in Bangalore.


    We, at Hayes Dental, are constantly rated as one of the best kids dentists near Richmond Town Bangalore and take a genuine interest in your child’s oral health. We believe that good oral health begins with proper a understanding of dental issues and strive to educate you about them. We advise and deliver dental treatment of the highest standards for your kids well-being.


    At Hayes Dental, we ensure international standards of safety and sterilisation are complied with. Strict infection control protocols are followed to ensure your safety of your kids including the use international standard medical autoclaves and disinfection measures to ensure sterilisation of our operatories and equipment to ensure safety of your child.


    At Hayes Dental we provide orthodontic treatment to children from an early age to prevent dental issues worsening. We also provide treatment such as functional appliances, head gears and other orthodontic dental treatment that aims to detect bite issues and fix them at an early age thus minimising the need for extensive dental treatment at a later stage.


Why should I consult a kids dentist for my child’s oral health?

It is a common misconception that milk teeth do not need dental attention as they will eventually fall off. This is a false. Milk teeth play a vital role in your child’s overall health and nutrition. Studies also show that premature loss of milk teeth can affect your child’s overall development. 

Few of the functions of milk teeth are as follows:

Paediatric dentist In Bangalore: Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, your child’s first dental visit should when the first tooth erupts into the mouth.

Educate your child that the dentist is a friend who helps them take care of their teeth, ensure positive reinforcements for good behaviour and most importantly never force or scare your child into co operating by using terms such as injection or needles.

Tooth cavities or dental decay is fairly common in children. Avoid junk food and sugars, ensure your child has a healthy diet and visit your paediatric dentist to ensure proper oral health is maintained at all times. Visit our paediatric dentist in Bangalore to know more.

Some amount of spacing in milk teeth is normal and it is to accommodate the permanent teeth that will later erupt and are bigger in size. Any orthodontic treatment in children should be started after 10 years of age except functional appliances.

Functional appliances are devices that modify or take advantage of a Childs growth to correct dental issues at an early stage and prevent them from worsening. Visit our paediatric dentist in Bangalore to know more about functional appliances and how it can help your child.

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