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Dental Implants are the best options used for replacing missing teeth. When a tooth is missing, the neighbouring teeth tend to drift into the missing tooth space and affects stability. Dental Implants look, function and feel just like natural teeth and hence are the closest replacement to natural teeth. For affordable dental implants in Bangalore, do visit our dental implant clinic in Richmond Road


    This is one of the most common dental implants treatment, It can be used as a replacement option for single tooth dental implants to even multiple missing teeth. These type of implants are fixed into the bone over which the prosthetic teeth are inserted. It is commonly used in cases where patients want fixed into the bone over which the prosthetic teeth are inserted. It is commonly used in cases where patients want fixed teeth. Endosteal implants are fast, convenient and can be used instead of dental bridges as they do not require trimming of the adjacent teeth


    Usually when all teeth are missing, Full Mouth Dental Implants are indicated. Full mouth dental implants does not mean replacing each and every tooth with an implant. Instead, 6- 8 dental implants are placed in each jaw over which teeth are replaced. The duration of full mouth dental implant treatment differs from case to case and can range anywhere between 3 to 7 months. For people looking for affordable dental implants in case of completely missing teeth, this treatment option is excellent.


Why Should I Get Dental Implants?

Dental Implants in Bangalore: Frequently Asked Questions

A dental implant can be done in any person who is healthy and has no major systemic disease. A proper oral examination with the aid of X-Rays will help your dentist decide the best dental implant for you.

Yes. Trimming of healthy adjacent teeth can be avoided with dental implants which has to be done in case of a bridge.

No, A Dental implant replaces the root portion of your tooth as well, hence they look and feel like natural teeth. Your crown on top of the dental implant will also be similar to your original teeth.This makes It very unnoticeable from the external appearance. Visit us to know more about dental implants in Bangalore.

The cost of a good dental implant starts from Rs.35000 onwards. This varies depending upon the type of implant used and if an additional procedure like bone grafting is required before the Dental Implants surgery. Post surgery, fixing a replacement tooth has additional charges depending on the type of replacement prosthesis used. Your dentist can help you choose the best implant for you and give you an estimated cost for the surgery after a proper consultation and radiographic examination.

No! The Dental Implant Procedure is less painful than a tooth extraction! At Hayes Dental, Our Implantologist Dentists are skilled and will ensure you have a comfortable experience.

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