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We provide general dentistry services at our top dental clinic in Bangalore ranging from simple tooth-coloured fillings right up to wisdom tooth extractions and root canal treatment in Bangalore.


    Poor oral hygiene is the most common cause of dental problems. When not appropriately cleaned, built-up plaque can lead to tooth cavities, decay, and even tooth loss in the worst cases. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly may not be enough to maintain good oral hygiene. As dental needs differ within individuals, we curate a regime for you after your teeth cleaning. Get yourself a professional Teeth Scaling or Dental Cleaning at least twice a year to avoid any dental complications in the future. We provide Regular Teeth Cleaning as well as Deep Teeth Cleaning In Bangalore.


    When the insides of the teeth are irreversibly damaged or infected, it leads to pain. This is an indication that you require Root Canal Treatment. Root Canal Treatments are done by a a root canal specialist also known as an Endodontist . Contrary to popular belief, Root Canal Treatments are not painful. If not treated, the infection in the tooth will spread and the tooth will need to be removed. Trust us with your Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore and leave your dental issues behind. We specialise in Root Canal Treatment including Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment.


    Bridges and Crowns are dental treatment done in order to replace missing teeth. These are cemented onto existing teeth or implants by a dentist. The material used to replace them are porcelain fused to metal or zirconia. Zirconia crowns are very sturdy and natural-looking dental crowns and help restore your smile and instil confidence. We believe that every smile is unique and hence customise treatment plans and choice of crowns. Dental crowns such as zirconia crowns are also used to protect teeth after root canal treatment and in Smile Makeover cases . Visit Our Dentist In Bangalore to know more.


    Missing teeth affect your self esteem in a big way and also lower your self-confidence. Dentures are replacements for missing teeth that are made up of either acrylic or a combination of Acrylic fused to metal. We help customise your dentures in Bangalore by talking you through your options. At Hayes Dental, we fabricate customised dentures that offer optimal fit and comfort while resisting impact. We also offer flexible dentures that are far superior to conventional ones and also do implant supported dentures. It usually takes about 1 week to 3 weeks to fabricate a denture. This varies depending upon the type of denture material and condition of your jaw.


    Tooth extractions are generally not advised unless there is no other alternative. The reason is because if you do not replace your extracted tooth immediately with dental implants or false teeth, it may result in other dental complications. We offer painless tooth extractions and also wisdom tooth extractions at Hayes Dental. Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal is a minor surgical procedure that is done by a specialist.The recovery time after any kind of tooth extraction procedure takes around 3 to 10 days and varies from patient to patient. After the tooth extraction, Your dentist will prescribe medications to reduce any post operative discomfort that you may face.


We provide general dentistry services at our dental clinic in bangalore ranging from simple tooth coloured fillings right upto wisdom tooth extractions and root canal treatment in Bangalore.


Dentist in Bangalore : Frequently Asked Questions

Visit your dentist at least twice a year for a routine dental check up. This helps detect dental issues early and fix them.

Tooth sensitivity is caused when the enamel protecting our teeth wears out or due to gum recession. It reduces the protection the enamel and gums provide to the tooth and root resulting in a painful feeling when you consume hot or cold things. Other issues causing tooth sensitivity include Tooth decay (cavities), Fractured teeth or Worn-out fillings. Visit us at Hayes Dental Bangalore and get advice on your teeth sensitivity problems.

Dental cleanings are important if you wish to maintain a healthy smile. Teeth cleaning also prevents gum disease and prevent major dental problems.

No, Teeth cleaning when done by a professional does not damage or remove any tooth enamel.

By the time you feel any pain, the decay has usually progressed to a more serious level. The longer you let it be, the more damage it does to the tooth and surrounding tissues. A root canal is always preferred over a tooth extraction as retaining natural teeth is always better than getting false ones.

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