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A root canal is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth that is painful instead of removing it. A well-executed Root Canal Therapy will be a lot less painful than what you assume it to be. We at Hayes Dental pride on providing one of the most affordable and Best Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore.


How  Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take To Complete?

The duration of a Root Canal Treatment can vary and depends upon the severity of infection. In most cases, Root canal procedure can be completed in a single sitting however, In case of a severely infected tooth a root canal specialist may even require 2- 3 sittings to complete the Root canal procedure.

How is the Recovery like after Root Canal Treatment

Post Root Canal Treatment, The recovery takes around 3-7 days. You will feel some discomfort for a few days after root canal treatment is normal and especially common in cases where the tooth was severely infected before the treatment. Maintain good Oral hygiene post treatment to make sure your teeth stay healthy.

Post-treatment Dental Care

Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore: Frequently Asked Questions

No, Root canal treatments today are not painful owing to modern advancements. After the root canal treatment, some discomfort surrounding the affected tooth is normal for some time. Follow your endodontists instructions to avoid this.

Root canal treatment is definitely recommended over an extraction because there is nothing which compares to a natural tooth.

Root canal treatment is required when the tooth decay is severe enough that the inner part of the tooth becomes infected and starts causing pain. At this stage a simple filling won’t help and a root canal is required.

The cost of a root canal treatment in Richmond Road Bangalore starts from Rs. 7,000 onwards. This will vary based on which tooth is infected (molars are harder to treat and cost more) and the extent of decay. After the root canal treatment, there can be an additional cost of the crown to protect the weakened tooth. After a proper clinical examination, your dentist will give you an estimated cost of the whole treatment upfront before starting.

At Hayes Dental, our experienced Endodontist’s ensure that you are at ease during your Root Canal Treatment. We believe in innovation and constantly update ourselves to stay on par with the latest treatment modalities globally. We are known for being one of the Best Root Canal Specialist’s In Richmond Road and have treated many complex root canal cases successfully.

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