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Benefits of getting braces work done during adulthood


Benefits of getting braces work done during adulthood

In a society where having a radiant, self-assured smile is highly valued, adults are increasingly seeking orthodontic treatments to get the ideal set of pearly whites. According to surveys, more than 85% of Indians would benefit in one way or another from orthodontics. Unfortunately, due to a lack of knowledge and appropriate guidance, fewer than 5% of patients in need of treatment see a specialist orthodontist. While many have the preconceived notion that braces are only for kids and teens, adults having braces is more common now than ever before.

At Hayes Dental, our entire staff likes to personalize the orthodontic care experience whether it’s for an adult or a child. This means making your smile awesome is not just about health and beauty; it’s like adding a spark of magic to your happy face.So if you are in search of an Orthodontist in Richmond Town or Orthodontists in Hayes Road look no further because we will change the perceptions about the orthodontic experience from beginning to end.

In this blog, **brace yourself** as we go over some of the many advantages to getting orthodontic work like braces done as an adult, including better oral health and increased confidence.

Boosted Confidence and Self Image

Adult orthodontic treatment is a journey towards better self-confidence and self-image rather than just getting a straighter smile. You’re not only enhancing the aesthetics of your smile but contributing to a positive self-image and improved facial balance. The compliments from others for a perfect smile reinforces confidence, creating a cycle of positivity. Even in professional and social benefits, you get to make a lasting impression, reflecting personal growth and self-care. This increased comfort in social situations can actually help you make more genuine interactions, bolstering overall confidence.

Numerous Health benefits

Adult braces could help act as a preventative measure for many dental problems that are caused due to improper alignment of teeth and improper bites. Misaligned teeth can complicate oral hygiene, increasing the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease.
In some cases, misaligned teeth could also contribute to breathing problems, especially during sleep. Orthodontic treatment can help treat these problems, promoting better airflow and helping to reduce the risk of conditions like sleep apnea. Having proper alignment of teeth also helps you to chew better, which then helps in digestion.

Myths around Adult braces

Braces are only for kids and teens

False! While most people seem to associate them only with teens and children, in most cases adults can benefit much more from orthodontic work. Especially with today’s modern scenario of technological advancement in orthodontics, now seems to be a better time than ever. There are plenty of aesthetic and discreet options like clear aligners and ceramic braces.

Teeth are too stubborn to move during adulthood

False! It’s never too late because the same biological mechanisms that allowed your teeth to move during childhood will still be present in adulthood. While it could take comparatively a bit longer, it is still worth it for a lifetime of perfect teeth. In the end, the duration of treatment would depend on a number of factors from patient to patient. However, most adults would be surprised to find it shorter than expected.

Different orthodontic options for adults

The adult braces scenario is thriving now more than ever due to the various options available that make the process more aesthetic and pain-free. Some of the most sought out options for adults seem to be:

Traditional and Metal

Traditional braces work by attaching tiny ceramic or metal brackets to each tooth and connecting them with archwires to realign teeth. For certain orthodontic problems, extra parts like bands and elastics may be utilized. This option is widely popular due to their cost effectiveness and hassle-free procedure. Due to modernization for designs in braces, you’ll find most of the options out there are sleek and stylish than what you’d expect.

Ceramic or Clear Braces

Ceramic braces are orthodontic devices that are much like metal braces, but instead of metal brackets, they have ceramic material that is either clear or tooth-colored. This makes them less visible and provides a better option for adults undergoing orthodontic treatment because the ceramic material matches the teeth’s natural color.

Invisalign Aligners

Quickly becoming one of the most popular options out there, Invisalign treatment is the perfect option for many adults. Due to their clear and removable nature, adults today have the option of straightening their teeth without having to wear traditional braces. This option is, therefore, more discreet and practical, meaning you won’t have to restrict the type of food you eat, while simultaneously having a hassle-free brushing routine.

At Hayes Dental we provide you with a team of the best Orthodontists in Bangalore, with a wide array of orthodontic options according to your individual needs. Be it Invisalign or Traditional braces, we make sure to give you the best possible means to achieve those perfect pearly whites that will last you a lifetime.

To know more read our other blogs about our Orthodontic Services or book a consultation at our office on Hayes Road right away.

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