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  • Invisalign vs. Conventional Braces: Choosing the Right Teeth Braces in Bangalore

    Introduction: Misaligned teeth contribute to distorting ones smile. Besides looking bad, they can cause an array of other dental issues. When it comes to correcting improperly aligned teeth and achieving a good smile, there are two options that are popular: Invisalign and conventional braces. Both the treatment options have own advantages and considerations, and the […]

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  • All you need to know about dental implants in Bangalore

    Bangalore is the city that’s always been at the forefront of healthcare and technology.The standard of healthcare versus the cost involved is one of the reasons why Bangalore is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

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  • Clear Aligners- Changing the perception of how you look at braces

    Have you always wanted to have better aligned teeth but stopped at the thought of getting conventional braces? If you have felt that braces look ugly, braces are uncomfortable, too many restrictions and all these reasons have stopped you from getting treatment

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  • Best practices for your children to avoid teeth cavities

    Cavities or also known as tooth/teeth decay is one of the most chronic yet entirely preventable dental diseases. Children with good oral hygiene have a lower risk and can entirely prevent tooth decay.

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  • Laser Treatment in Dentistry!

    Severe gum disease, known as Periodontitis, occurs when gum health is neglected for a long time and the gums develop deep pockets between the tissue and bone, which can eventually lead to tooth loss.

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  • Orthodontics Treatment and benefits

    A lot of people when they are in their early teens get braces put on their teeth. The orthodontist at Just Dental will recommend wearing braces in order to correct an overbite, underbite, or some other jaw misalignment.

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